The Positive Masculine ep.24: The Inner Wild Man

Within every man there is a solid core of energy, a style of communication, and an intense drive. Each man’s individual inner self is slightly unique, but each arises from the basic nature of the masculine body, is inspired by the man’s unique experiences and interests, and deeply informed by his social context. Happiness and healthiness comes from being as in tune as possible with that inner self.

Bad information, trauma, destructive learning, and self-defeating beliefs tend to distort our relationship with the wild man. Bringing him out is a process of un-learning the lessons of our youth and refusing to accept anyone’s description of the world without critical thought or direct experience. We must see the world as if we were explorers visiting a totally new planet.

One thought on “The Positive Masculine ep.24: The Inner Wild Man

  1. Looking good Brian, and a thought provoking piece. Two things:

    I’m not sure ignoring every bit of advice and finding everything for yourself is entirely a good idea. When someone tells you “that’s hot/carrying current/toxic”, it’s often advisable to listen!

    As for the idea that pulling together all your threads into a single book being “not easy”, as we say in my line of work “if it was easy or simple, someone less clever than us would already have done it”. Good luck – it’ll work!

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