Making Journal-Keeping Simple

One thing I often encourage clients to do is keep a journal.  Journals are amazing tools for helping your process, plan, develop ideas, and track your personal progress.  However, as a writer, I also know that there are few things more daunting  than a blank page.

I developed a tool years ago to make journaling way easier on myself – a pre-designed format that lets me make sure I am processing, thinking, confronting issues and staying positive and action-oriented all at once.  It takes the guesswork out by giving me spaces to fill.

Below is a sample from my journal.  I have placed notes on what a category means in red.  Filling in a page of your journal using this format every day or two can be a great way to build a journaling habit without feeling like you have to do something new every day:


Date: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015
My Mood: Thoughtful and mildly horny.
The Big Events of the Day:

This should be pretty self explanatory: anything worth remembering about the day because it seems important, interesting, makes you happy, or caused a major emotional response goes here.  I aim to write at least three, but even on the dullest day I can usually have between five and ten.

  • Wrote a kickass post for the 90-day porn detox.
  • Worked on a sewing pattern for my next big project.
  • Fixed my bluetooth keyboard so I can work from my tablet again.
  • Went to Whitby and did some in-person coaching with W.K.
  • Took a more in-depth look at gender Performance Theory.
  • Did some research on addiction.
  • Arranged session 1 for new client.

The Goblins in my Head:

This is where I write about the things bothering me. Whether they are troubling thoughts, negative situations, nagging to-do items – if it is draining my energy or taking up valuable attention it goes here.

  • I need to switch phone carriers, Chatr’s service sucks.
  • I’m slacking off on workouts again.  Need to lift weights.
  • Does listening to Melleefresh count as using porn? – that woman fakes more orgasms into a mic than can possibly be healthy.
  • I am slow on delivering a blog post I really wanted to get done.
  • I am dragging my heels on creating a NWC splash page.  Why?

Plan of action:

I try to plan solutions for dealing with at least two “goblins” here.  Basically what are (at least) two things you can do in the next day to make the tougher goblins go away.

  • Chatr can wait but NWC can’t, I will do this tonight.
  • Maybe if I play with voice recognition I will be more enthusiastic about the blg post.

Thought of the Day: “Sex never was the cure for the holes men feel in their hearts, but it is easy to understand why they make that mistake.”

The thought of the day is just one thing that went through my head when I took some time to sit with my thoughts that may bear having a conversation about later.