Big Changes!

It’s been awhile since I have had a chance to update the Wild Man Project.  Over the last four months a lot has happened in my life, and much of it I have been unable to share until now.  The first and biggest announcement is:

I am going to be a dad!

After years of trying, with all of its heart-break and disappointment, I finally have a son on the way!  Last year we lost a child just as we entered into the second trimester, and my wife and I made a promise not to get too excited, or share too much until we were halfway there.

We’ve had some scares along the way, including pre-natal screening giving us a false positive for Down Syndrome, along with a two-week wait due to low amniotic fluid (something else that was its own cause for alarm) before we could finally get the results of the tests.

But now we are well on our way, and expecting a very healthy and already very active baby boy in the Autumn.

Naturally, I’ll be using a lot of my energy on this blog towards discussing fatherhood from an inside perspective.  I may even start a separate public blog for parenting purposes as time goes on.

Other Changes

After a lot of care and consideration, I have also decided that I need to put back some of the personal touch into this weblog.  For the past year it has been a matter of focusing on technical, practical solutions to everyday problems.  Not that those are going away – far from it.  Practical systemic thought is what I do!  But choosing not to share my personal thoughts has sometimes meant leaving this blog silent for months at a time when the personal has been at the forefront of my mind.

I am in the recording stage of a new product, that is based on taking systemic thinking to a radical new level.  I shall be done by the end of the Summer, and I hope you will all be able to join me for a big launch.  Previews to come soon!

I had some massive successes helping men with a 90-Day Porn Detox program, over at Athol Kay’s MMSL forum, and I know that I am on to something there.  I want to make this program work, and so a book, workbook, and a support program are in development. 2015 and 2016 will be massive years of productivity for me.

I want to be easier to read and share, and so I have added links and buttons to an RSS Feed to make it easier to get my constant in the way a lot of you would like.

I also want a new way to talk to you all, and so I am building a Forum here at The Wild Man Project where I can talk directly with any readers who want to step up and talk to me, with a little anonymity.

  • It will be focused on Men’s Health and Well-Being.
  • It will be anonymous.
  • Many sections of the forum will be invisible to visitors.
  • Women who want to talk about their relationship with husbands and sons will be welcome.
  • It will include sections for my 90-Day Porn Detox program, as well as for Fitness, Diet, and Relationships.
  • I will moderate it with particular goals in mind: positivity, helpfulness, solution-oriented, and victim-free.
  • I will keep it small, and free.

Back in December I finished the first draft of a book entitled Best Possible Man, which I then shelved because I did not feel that the time for that book is right.  BPM is an amalgam of the best tools and the best ideas I have shared on the Wild Man Project as part of an overarching plan to bring you closer in tune with your most bold and happiest masculine self.  Best Possible Man still needs a re-write, and my energy is currently going into my newer product, but it should also be out before 2015 comes to a close.

Speaking of books, once the massive filming project is over and done with, I plan on taking The Art of Friendship to a whole new level, making a bigger, smarter version of the book based on your feedback.

In the next few days I am going to post a lot more about my coaching programs, including making a lot of my material available for you to view.  Life Coaches have a bad habit of not letting you know what you get when you sign up with them.  I’m going to go the opposite route, and lay it all out in the open.

Those coaching programs are now going to be all handled here. I’m moving on amicably from the Mindful Attraction Plan team.  I love Athol and Jen Key, and Rebecca Watson, but so long as I am on that team, I am not putting my energy exactly where it needs to be: right here.

One of these days, I would love to do an AMA.

Finally, I want to know how I can best serve you.  I consider this blog to be about:

  • Healthy masculinity (without crystal-waving mumbo-jumbo).
  • Living with ethics and integrity.
  • Not balancing life and work, but making work serve life.
  • Communication and healthy relationships.
  • Raising and parenting Sons.
  • Rational and practical problem solving.
  • Living healthfully.

In that scope there is nothing that I won’t tackle.  So tell me about what problems you are facing, what dilemmas I could help you with, or what you’d like a dialogue in. Hit me up on Twitter, in the Comments section here, or by Email.

2 thoughts on “Big Changes!

  1. Congratulations on the baby! You are going to be a great Dad. Your life is about to be forever changed.

    I am definitely interested in exploring life/work balance. As a professional in a field that sometimes doesn’t truly promote life/work balance it is something I am very interested in.

    1. Thanks, Blackwulf! I am really glad that you have decided to follow me here. I am going to start a series on Work/Life balance today, because it has become very relevant to my own life lately.

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