On Gay Rights and Marriage

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As a writer on men’s issues, I have been trying to think about what to say about the victory for gay marriage rights in the United States.  I’ve been thinking on it for a few days now, and the one thing that comes to mind is this:

It’s about damn well time!

Whether you believe strongly in the rights of gays, lesbians, and transsexuals like I do or not, this is a strong step forward in the welfare of all men.  The welfare of our gay brothers and sisters is critical to our own.

Men thrive best in an environment of freedom.  When we have the right to think, say, do, or be anything so long as we do not harm another, then we have the power to work miracles.  It is in the time of greatest freedom for humankind that we made the greatest advances in technology, science, and philosophy since the days of Aristotle.  Men by nature are driven to prove their worth by finding innovative ways to create and through creation earn love, admiration, wealth, and acceptance.  Whatever they do with that freedom, it tends to benefit all of us.  If you make them free, Men will push the boundaries of human knowledge and in the process make us all wealthier, healthier, and happier.  That is masculine power in action.

Gay rights are a matter of all of our rights.  When we tell the government that a Man is not permitted to do or be anything because it offends our sensibilities, we have cast aside our own rights in doing so.

Remember, all law is force: when you encourage the government to make a law you are saying “I am comfortable having a person’s property taken away over this; and if they disagree with you, I am comfortable having armed men beat him or her into sumbmission and take him to prison to be bullied, beaten some more, or raped over this; if he resists or she , I am comfortable having that person killed for disagreeing.”  From the smallest fine on up, the logical conclusion of policemen with guns is possible.

And in promoting a law like this when no physical harm is being done to anyone, you are saying as well:  “I agree that in principle, the government has the right to choose things that we can and cannot do and punish it for us.”  There are no modifiers to this statement that mean a damn.

The government is a group of people, plain and simple.  Flawed people, often more so than most, because the worst sort of people tend to seek out power.  Who is to say that something you love or believe in will not be the next thing they decide it is okay to fine, arrest, and/or murder someone over?

The more free we are, the better all of humanity will be.  The less free we are, the more we stifle Masculine Power, the weaker the society, and the more likely it is that we will be the next ones to by tyrannized.

If your religion or your ideology claims that homosexuality is wrong, you still face a choice:  let gay men and women be free, and possibly benefit from their creativity, or run the risk that your religion or ideology will be the next thing to be subjected to witch hunts.  How can you be so assured that your beliefs will remain the ones in power forever?

Their freedom betters us all, not just in the United States, but in an era of globalism, everywhere.  And the freedoms that people win in the U.S., tend to be the ones people win everywhere.

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  1. If marriage is so fragile that having people of the same sex doing it will destroy it, then it’s a pretty weak institution. If gay people want to get married, they ought to be able to go for it! I hope they’re prepared for when it goes wrong like it does for straight people!

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