Quest Pursuit

Karatekaea Bowing Respectfully
Karatekaea Bowing Respectfully, by ClickerFreeVectorImages

I’ve not had a blogroll on my site since those hackers destroyed in back in March, but I’ll definitely be setting one up today.  A man I have had a very informal, but very enjoyable mentoring relationship with over the last couple of years, John Quest has started a weblog called QuestPursuit.  And I definitely want to share it.

John may be only a few posts into his website, but he is a man with incredible energy and incredible voice.  He is a warrior through and through.  He knows how to make a man see life as a challenge, and want to conquer it.

His blog will be devoted to developing the warrior mindset both for self-defense and for everyday problem solving.  Expect a good fusion of karate teaching and personal growth skills.

I often look to John when I am in need of a serious dose of enthusiasm.  I hope you will do the same.