Flexing Man
Flexing Man, by bycfotografem

Today I’ve been out helping my wife with some jobs at her work that require heavy lifting, a lot of bending over, and a fair amount of getting bulky objects down from very high places.  At seven months pregnant she is certainly not in a good position to do any of those things, herself.

I am really grateful that I have the flexibility to be there for her, and the good health to be able to be able to pick up 45-kilo pieces of furniture and haul them to the other end of the room without too much trouble.

My back may be sore at the end of the day, and I have managed to give myself a couple of bruises, but it is completely worth it.  I have shown my wife how much I love her, and I ha done something in service to my family, which feels damned good to me.

And I don’t mind saying that she is impressed, too.  I caught her sneaking a few peeks while I was bending down to wire up my computer (her coworker was, too!)

It takes work to make yourself a healthy, happy, and attractive man, I will never say otherwise.  It never stops being work.  But once you have done the hard work of finding the right state of mind, getting healthy, and deciding what is important to you – that work is fun.

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  1. Spent the weekend turning a pile of lengths of treated timber into a bespoke rose arbour/arch. Just managed to beat the weather too!

    1. I wish I had a property where I could do projects like that! Sadly I rent, and have to share my yard-space with neighbors, before I did anything of the like, I would need their approval and my landlord’s permission.

      1. That’s a shame. Home improvment / DIY / building projects are a real source of personal achievment for me, and TBH, they’re something anyone can do to one extent or another. You can start very small/easy and find your limit in time.

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