Work Called on Account of Ballgame

"Closeup of Dirty Baseball" by Pexels
“Closeup of Dirty Baseball” by Pexels

Since I became a Stay-at-Home Dad, the majority of my work gets done on Thursday afternoons. After my wife gets home from work, we take my son to an indoor playground to blow off some steam. While the wife chases our boy around, I grab a cup of coffee, a seat, and wifi access, and write my weblog as a stream of consciousness, while also working on a book.

This is a pretty limited window to work in. Once we are home, there is an agreement that neither of us will work, and that the night is reserved for conversation, table top games, and meditation. This lets my wife manage her stress, and lets us both put time into our relationship.

This week, I had intended on writing an article on what it takes to really know yourself, but my son had other plans. Tonight he has needed me, he’s tired, fighting the tail end of a cold, and is generally feeling off; he won’t play unless Daddy is playing with him.

At first I was a little frustrated. After all, my window is short. And I had plans on discussing a pretty heavy topic… but then I sat as I was hugging him and took a quick mental inventory.

My son is only going to learn to throw a softball once.  He’s only going to be one once, for that matter. I only have so much time to teach him how a man loves his son… and only so much time to really learn that first-hand for myself.

So today, the best thought I have to share is this. Sometimes you have to sit and remind yourself of what is really valuable in life:

  • The time you spend with your loved ones.
  • The experiences you have that you will carry through your lifetime.
  • The legacy that you leave to the people that matter.

And make sure that they remain on top of your list.