Year Seven

"Man At Night"by Ibrahim34
“Man At Night”by Ibrahim34

As of this week I have been operating The Wild Man Project for seven years.

The dialogue around Men has changed a lot in that time. It has moved from a small fringe of people who often became interested in the topic of masculinity because they held deep, abiding emotional wounds, or because they saw a man they cared about suffer terribly either emotionally or at the hands of the law.

  • We’ve seen Pick Up Artistry go from a hidden art, to a running gag on television, to passe.
  • We’ve seen the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement essentially fade entirely from memory, along with a number of other new age men’s movements. that just couldn’t engage the imaginations of the men of Generation X and the Millenials.
  • We’ve seen the M(h)RA go from a small grassroots movement looking for legal reforms, to being a favoured bugaboo of feminists and yellow journalists everywhere, to a growing, noteworthy force in our culture, to a strange and reluctant ally of the Alt-Right.
  • We’ve seen feminism become more and more fractured over the question as to whether Men’s issues are real and deserving of attention… and whether identity politics have irreversably poisoned the well of the name “feminism” to the Millenials.
  • We’ve seen a nascent 20th Century Men’s Movement essentially dissolve into other movements before really taking off on its own.

It has been a hell of a ride, and things are still changing. I’ve seen a lot of movement in very positive directions in the general consciousness. And a lot of movement in the exact wrong direction in government at the same time.

I am loathe to make predictions, because I didn’t think we would see many of the changes that we have, but I am feeling that in the long term we are moving towards finally bringing a dialogue about the psychological needs of men and boys to the fore in our culture.

I am optimistic.

I would love nothing better than to see my business be obsolete in another seven.