Counting My Blessings

Last week I am celebrated the second birthday of my son. I am fortunate that my father-in-law and mother-in-law are retired and still quite healthy, and so we were able to drive nearly 2,000 km to spend the week with us. My sister-in-law chose to take a week’s vacation and fly out from the west coast to spend time as well. This week, my mother flew in from California and will stay long enough to take my son on his first trick-or-treating expedition.

There is nothing so wonderful in the world as being surrounded by family and seeing them all happy and healthy.

It makes it easier to perform what I considered the most essential practice to mental well-being, which is to practice gratitude.

I do believe it is critical that we are grateful for what we have. If, like me, you are not religious, I think it is important to recognize that Gratitude doesn’t need to be directed towards some invisible force that has given the good things in your life to you; we can be grateful what we have without believing that it is given to us. Rather, we can appreciate that the best things in our lives have come to us through a combination of Good Fortune, hard work, making good choices, choosing the right people to be in our lives, and approaching the world with a disciplined mind.

Being able to say thank you for what we have, whether you feel the need to thank a higher being, or just being glad you have made at least a few of the right choices in your life, is cleansing. It Alters your Consciousness in a powerful way. It opens your mind to new possibilities, and makes the tragedies and unhappiness in your life seem more manageable… When you stop to think about it, the miseries in your life are often trivial compared to the good things you have, and that is true for almost anyone. But, you do have to think about it.

I try to stop every day, for at least a moment, and make a list of at least five things worth being thankful for. It keeps me focused on the right things in my life, and that, in turn, helps me make a better one.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Having a clever and handsome son, who add to is healthy, happy, and already talking in complete sentences.
  • That I had the wisdom to choose a loving wife, whose family I can love as dearly as my own.
  • For living in an age of Technology where I can earn money by sharing my thoughts, and having deep and meaningful conversations with men who are interested in hearing A New Perspective on masculinity. In other words, I’m thankful to you, my readers and my clients.
  • For the people in my life who have constantly challenged me to stop looking at the tragedies I’ve experienced, and instead pushed me to make the most out of what I have.
  • For having the opportunity to discover what I am passionate about, to do it for a living, and to be an example to my son of how to make good choices for work.

As I do at least once a year, I want to challenge you all to try this, just for three weeks. For five minutes a day try to think of 5 things that are good in your life. I promise you it will make a difference.