About My Programs

Who Will Benefit?

I designed this program for a particular kind of Man. There are a few cute names for them out there, and I like none of them. Instead of going through a lengthy discussion let me ask you if any of these problems sound familiar:

  • You frequently find yourself getting into fights with your family, girlfirend, or spouse over little things.
  • You have a hard time getting, or even asking for what you need from others.
  • You struggle with feelings of anger, frustration, or loneliness a lot of the time.
  • You feel “stuck”, like life is going nowhere.
  • Your work and your interests don’t feel fulfilling, or like they give your life any deeper meaning.
  • You have big goals that you never seem to make progress on.
  • Very little in your life excites you: you sometimes feel like a zombie.
  • You have trouble relating to other men, and have few male friends.
  • Every few years you hit some big goal, only to wonder “now what?”
  • You end up “just friends” with women in your life when you would rather be a lot more.
  • You don’t feel like a real grown-up; sometimes you worry that you never will.
  • You have trouble making decisions, especially about big things like work and school.
  • You are having trouble getting fit, no matter how hard you try.
  • You feel like you are unwanted most of the time.
  • You can’t seem to find anything that engages you and makes you excited to see or experience more.
  • You feel like there is something missing from your life that should be there to make sense of it all.

If a few of these sound familiar, then you are exactly the kind of person I can serve best…

How I can Help

I am a certified Life Coach, and a member in good standing of the Certified Coaches Alliance. I encourage anyone interested to look into my credentials and the Alliance’s code of ethics. I have been trained in many tools to help my clients get and stay motivated, like time management and neurolinguistic programming.

More importantly, though, I have been there myself! For years of my life I found myself stuck, feeling just about everything that I described above. My personal relationships were all in rough shape, my goals didn’t drive me, and when I didn’t feel unmotivated, I felt unwanted. It took a couple of very major – and very frightening events to turn me around. And when they did, they changed everything! I want to share my experiences and my insights to help you move forward yourself.

This Program is not for the Feint of Heart!

My coaching program is designed to help you change your life. I will never tell you what to do, but in our time together you are going to be challenged to look very hard at your life, and you will not always like what you see. Sometimes you are going to have to make big, frightening changes. You may find that you have to consider changing your job, your career, your relationships and your habits. If you are not ready to take big steps, then I recommend two things:

First, don’t hire a coach! You aren’t ready for one.

Second, ask yourself why. What is it you are afraid to lose?

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