The Art of Friendship

AoF When I was young, I struggled to make friends. I was awkward and a loner. I used to be a strong believer in the idea of Charisma – that you were either likeable or you weren’t. I figured that the reason that I was lonely was because I was just one of the people who didn’t have it.

I was wrong!

After a very tough time in my life where I really needed friends, I decided to try to learn how to make friends and build strong, lasting friendships the same way I was learning how to run a business – it little baby steps. What I learned changed my life forever:

Making friends and being charming are skills that we learn when we are young, and some of us just picked up some bad habits along the way.

The Art of Friendship is a free e-Book that will teach you:

  • Eight simple steps to making new friends.
  • The Art of Making yourself instantly likeable in new crowds.
  • How to make new friendships turn into long and meaningful ones.

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