My Mission

Within each man is a wellspring of energy, creativity, and joy, and strength. When he feels loved and respected, when he knows where he fits in the world, this wellspring opens up to him. Then there is nothing he cannot accomplish.

I can see the potential in every person I meet to excel in life.  I have know some truly amazing people who have accomplished great things, and they are honestly not that much different from you or I.  The difference between a good man and a great man is a matter of self-awareness and having good people in his life.

It saddens me when I see someone missing out on all the good they could accomplish, especially when the things that hold them back are the same thing over and over again:

  • Lack of confidence.
  • Too much time spent worrying about outcomes.
  • A lack of a healthy support network.
  • Sub-par communication skills.
  • Self-destructive ideas about gender.
  • A lousy job.

All of which can be fixed by developing a few good habits to replace a few old ones.

And so I have made it my mission to develop tools to help bring out your absolute best.

3 thoughts on “My Mission

  1. Hi Brian …

    I really enjoyed you as a calming voice on the now defunct MMSL forum.

    I was on a fair amount as Av8or.

    When you bid farewell to MMS in a blog post, Blackwulf came on to welcome you to a new forum that 80 or so former regulars were frequenting. You asked for a link…. Did you ever get one ???

    I’m still looking unsuccessfully….


    1. HI Av8tor. I asked for one, and I know that Hilda was working on verifying me, but something must have jammed up along the way. I had a very sick child on my hands at the time, and so I got distracted from the whole thing, and never did get around to following up. I will drop Bluckwulf and Hilda a line…

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