About half a year ago I shut down the Wild Man Project after two and a half years of leaving the site silent.During that time my clientele had been small and fairly exclusive; mostly to make it possible for me to work at home and care for my son. An expensive and dangerous computer problem made the choice to bring it down easy.

Since I took it down, a lot of people, especially mothers of sons, have asked me where they could get access to my material. They had been putting articles aside for their Sons for the future.

I cannot let my work remain in limbo. Not after hearing that I might be making a difference.

So here we are, WMP Reloaded.

I will be reuploading old articles as time allows, edited for style and clarity.  Often totally re-written. Sometimes eliminated. I will be keeping an eye to a specific purpose with WMPR this time. And I will be trying to be a lot more concise and interesting.

In the end this project must also be self-sustaining. So I will be writing a book and offering some services.

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