When I started the wildman project in 2009, I was undergoing a major shift personally and my relationship to Masculinity. I giving up being a doormat. I decided to treat myself with some pride and some dignity. I decided to stop consuming a huge amount of bullshit that have been fed to me since I was in grade school about who and what Men are.

I used to enjoy the red pill metaphor, but The Matrix was 20 years ago, the metaphor is played out, and the manoshere went in directions that I couldn’t possibly agree with.

I knew I wanted to work with men who are a little further behind me on the same journey. I’d wasted my twenties on being bitter and my teen years on being a social justice warrior. What I didn’t have, and clearly needed, was a goal.

The wildman project was a mishmash of anything that came to my head while I was reading and studying. I was consuming everything from the mythopoetic men movement to the men’s rights community, from epigenetics to endocrinology, from queer theory to lumbersexuality, from tantric spirituality to the Game.

Sadly, the wildman project reflected that. It could be schizophrenic. And I, trying to make myself approachable to men who weren’t ready for having their worldview rearranged all at once, wrote in a voice that was boring as hell.

So, how do I change it? How do I make a reloaded version that offer significant value to my readers?

Well, I’ve had more feedback since I shut the blog down than I ever had while I was running it.Most people who read my blog are interested in figuring out how to talk to their sons, or how to fix their marriage. And almost everyone who has ever come to me for help as a coach needed help recovering from a toxic or failing relationship.

These two things thankfully have one thing in common. They are both about understanding the needs in psychology of men and how to meet them.people want to know what boys need to thrive and what men need to succeed in their relationships.

I can do that.

So that’s what I’m about. I’m about to helping people figure out what Men need and how they can get it. And hopefully do so with that being a total asshole.

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