I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation and a certified creativity coach. I have spent years developing a coaching program effective for men to help them get what they need at Work, at Home, and in their Relationships.

A great coach’s first job is to listen carefully and pay absolutely rapt attention to another person as they talk about the goals they are having difficulty meeting, for the situations that are making them unhappy. Then, they call them on it where they see that person lying to themselves, limiting themselves, or screwing themselves over.

In other words, great coaches call people on their bullshit for a living.

My particular expertise is calling people on BS that is ruining their marriage or relationship, preventing them from getting the sex they want, holding them back at work, or keeping them from getting the social life they want.

My program is very simple. For $200 USD I will give you my undivided attention for 90 minutes. I will listen to your troubles, and then I will ask really hard and uncomfortable questions. By the end of it, I’ll give you a picture of where you are making your life harder than it needs to be. I will tell you three things you can do in the next week to start making thins better. I will also help you build habits that will make your life a lot easier.

I will follow up that 90 minute call with one weekly 15-minute accountability call to make sure you are doing what you were supposed to be doing and holding you accountable.

If you need further ass-kicking, you can set up three weekly 15-minute accountability calls Plus a 40-minute intensive coaching session for more listening and being called on more self-sabotage. That will always be your call. I will never tell you you need more time.

If things don’t start improving for you by the end of that month, you get your money back.

All calls are handled through Skype. All payments are handled through PayPal.